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V.G. Kumar Das , PhD (Q’ld), FASc, FTWAS, DSDK, is a well-known figure in academic circles in his country, with scientific and civil honours to his name. An emeritus professor and founding vice-chancellor of two universities following his retirement from the University of Malaya as dean of the faculty of science, he has authored numerous technical publications and three scientific books on chemistry.

His latest book, Tin in Applications: Meeting the ‘Green’ Challenge, won the coveted Malaysian Scholarly Publishing Council Ministry of Education Award 2014 for the best book in the science, technology, and medicine category. This, however, represents his first effort at novel writing.

In the years following the loss of his father at the tender age of seventeen, the author dutifully assumed parental responsibility for his six younger siblings and the role of confidant to his widowed mother.

Consequently, he could not be better placed to recount and document the trials, tribulations, and joys of life as experienced by this admirable woman whose indomitable courage, unfettered love, and unerring faith in the divine carry a universal message that needs to be told.

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